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    Company undergoes vigorously the technological innovation and management innovation, adhering to scientific development. Technological improvements and new product research and development have always been highly valued and Technology Center since its inception in December 2004, have cultivated various types of technical staff more than 100 people, including 65 intermediate and senior titles, 21 external experts. In October 2009 was identified as "Enterprise Technology Center in Sichuan Province."

The enterprise has various kinds of software of design and manufacture:

l  Product Date Management (PDM)

l  Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP)

l  Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM)

l  Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Technology center production and research
• Jointly established with the United States Centrists a joint venture, Sichuan University Institute of Chemical Technology have jointly established separation test chamber
• University of the West China School of Energy and Environment to establish doctoral, Master's training and testing base
• The establishment of Southwest Jiaotong University Student Instruction and Practicing Base


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